an internal struggle

We all know those people. The ones that act like they are considerate, kind, caring and selfless, but in turn they are selfish, inconsiderate and only think about themselves. I am having a major internal struggle right now. I have tried to find forgiveness in my heart, fake smiles until I mean it, act interested and unfazed by what has been told to me but I just can’t. I can’t get past it even when I try my hardest. I need help and an outlet for my anger. I don’t know how to handle some things that are going on with me right now. To put it simply: I think that I am on the verge of a breakdown. I have reached my point. I have been pushed over the edge. Here is my story:

My whole life I have put others first. Always. I have always done what people wanted me to do, I have always helped people that have done me wrong and I have tried to be selfless in every aspect of my life. Right now, in my current state of mind, all I can ask myself is “where has that gotten me? Why was I so selfless when all people do is screw me over? What is the point? The selfish people always seem to win. How is that fair?” I am really struggling and it has led people to tell me that I am “depressing to be around.” Someone said that about me. I was always the one that had a lot of life in her but has been stripped of that excitement for life because of the actions of others. Trust me, I know that I should not let others actions effect me the way that they do but I can’t help it. That is how much I care about other people, and when they let me down it hurts. It really hurts. It hurts my heart big time. I think the thing that hurts the most is that the things that these people do to me, I would not ever do to them. Do you want to know why? Because I care. I CARE. But where has that caring gotten me? Absolutely no where. It has gotten me crying the shower so that I don’t cry in front of others. Ya, that happened today even though I also cried in front of someone else after I finished crying in the shower. I am so tired of being disappointed by people that are close to me and even those that aren’t. I am losing my faith in human nature and human kindness. I am starting to wonder if anyone out there still cares for others [or for me] the way that they should.

Today I need help. I need an outlet. I need to find understanding and I need to find myself again. Tonight I am praying for peace.

I know that this was a not-so-uplifting post but it is what I needed tonight. Here is to hoping tomorrow is better.

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.” >>> Colossians 3:15

Until next time,




sup? here’s a little life lately.


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I struggled with keeping my writing up because I was not sure if there were people that were actually interested in reading about my life. After all, I am so not interesting but then again, neither are half the people that blog. So here I am. A lot has been going on lately, or at least since last time I blogged. I’ll talk about a little bit of everything that I have been doing/thinking/wondering and laughing about since last time I wrote. Enjoy!

One: My best girl, Lauren got married and HOLY COW it was the celebration of the century! I’m talking [drop the mic] fun. Lauren, I was so HONORED to stand by your side as you married Stephen and became Mrs. Wicker, PA-C (of course :)) In case you guys were wondering she was also the most b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l bride I have ever seen. She legit looked like a princess and she deserves every happiness. After all, she has put up with my crap for the last 25 years. And Stephen if you’re reading this, you better be good to her or you’ll have to answer to me. I know you won’t let me down. Check out some pictures below from her ever so gorgeous wedding! PS: her Gran broke it down to “Uptown Funk” which actually might have been the HIGHLIGHT of the whole night. That is how fun her wedding was. Even Gran got jiggy with it. Lauren, I love you so much. You are my soilmate. I could not do life without you. In the words of our favorite Golden Girls, “thank you for being a friend.”

TWO: Surprise! I’ve been wondering for some time if my ever so sweet but at times hard-to-read boyfriend Jarrett was ever going to ask the question that every girl in l-o-v-e longs to hear. Ya, he has said the “i love yous” and the “you’re the one for me” but I hadn’t been asked that very special question that I had been waiting to hear him say. I kinda thought that maybe he would ask at Christmas but the holidays came and went with nothing out of the ordinary happening. I had convinced myself that he really was going to finish school before asking me and I kept telling myself that he wants it and it will all happen in good time. Little did I know, Jarrett was keeping a little secret. We had finally arrived back home in Oklahoma after being in Texas for Christmas and for a few days we were in store for some fairly warm December weather. Jarrett knows how much I love going for walks (even though I don’t always love taking George. The girl can be cray, and sometimes she cramps my style) so he asked me if I wanted to walk around OU with him and George the next day. I said sure! I was so clueless as to anything potentially happening. He asked me if I wanted to ask his Mom to go and I said sure (she is so fun and sometimes I have to remind myself that I am not her actual daughter), so she came along. We were walking just like normal when we stopped in front of the stadium because Jarrett wanted to take a picture with us and George. OKAY, PEOPLE. HOW DID I NOT KNOW RIGHT THEN? My boyfriend does not EVER want to take pictures, but alas, I had no idea. Of course the control freak in me was trying to hold George up so that Richie could take the picture but Jarrett set her down and we smiled. I turned to show him that George was not looking at the camera (ridiculous right!) and when I turned back around he was down on one knee!! Oh. Em. Gee. You talk about being surprised. This was the best and biggest surprise of my life and it could not have been more perfect. December 28, 2016, you were the best day ever and I cannot wait to become Mrs. Shelton. Just in case you were wondering, George is PUMPED that her parents are getting married.


THREE: I’m calling this part of the post the “Valentines Day Volleyball.” If you’re a fan of F-R-I-E-N-D-S you could title this episode “The one with the volleyball and broken finger.” Doesn’t that just sound OH SO ROMANTIC. Picture it now: You’re Jarrett, driving home from class on Valentines Day looking forward to making Valentines candy and drinking wine with your fiance. All of the sudden you get a phone call. On the other end is Sarah, your fiance, hysterically crying. You can’t understand a word she is saying because not only is she crying and talking at the same time but with the combination of that, snot and slobber, you don’t have a prayer in understanding. You’re not sure if she is okay or if she got in a wreck, if someone has passed or if she just got done watching a youtube video clip of Marley & Me (that movie is a HEART-WRENCHER btw). As you ask her to calm down and try to explain what happened she tells you that she hurt her finger. You start to giggle a little (and yes, she heard you) because knowing Sarah she probably bumped it on the door handle and it hurt a little. After all, she can be dramatic, but it is one of the reasons you fell in love with her. As she is still in hysterics but trying to convince you that she is fine, you tell her that she needs to go to the ER and get it checked out but to wait until you get home. Funny how she immediately said no. I mean, so stubborn even when she is in that state of mind. She gets home first but Richie has already called Sarah’s Mom and Dad to let them know that she has done some serious damage to her finger. You can tell by their tone that they too think she is being a little dramatic but agree that Sarah needs to go get checked out somewhere.  When Jarrett arrives home he is concerned because Sarah’s finger has began to turn purple, bruise and it is clearly not okay. After some sass, Sarah gets in the car and her, Jarrett and Richie head to urgent care. They were not able to help so they go to the ER. Sarah receives the news that it is broken and calls her parents crying to let them know. They feel awful and tell her it is going to be okay and that maybe some ice cream would make her feel better. Ice cream is the sure-fire-way to my heart but none of that fancy ice cream, Blue Bell or Braums will suffice. Sarah laughs and tells them that she will be fine without it and they finally get home about 9:00. Can you picture how romantic our night was? It was definitely one for the books. It hasn’t really been funny until now. I am so glad that I can laugh about it now. BTW, had to have surgery on it. Boo-yah. Happy V-Day guys. PS: If your fiance isn’t willing to bathe you and wash your hair because your finger is broken, dump him. He’s not worth your time. There are guys out there that will. Trust me. 😉

Four: New beginnings. This has a lot to do with life. Jobs, marriage, moving. There is a lot going on in my life right now. All exciting, but it doesn’t come without the occasional headache. Here’s some words of wisdom: Adulting is hard but also so rewarding. Love, marriage, potential babies down the line and starting a family of your own someday is rewarding and fun. Jobs and moving are hard. It is hard to make decisions that will greatly impact your life. Think things through. Weigh the pros and cons. Go for a walk and get some air. Pray about it. Take a deep breath. I am still reminding myself of those last few things. In the end, everything will work out as it was intended. Life is a wild ride. Make sure you roll the windows down every once in a while.

Five: This is us. Oh My Gosh. Wow. Did that just happen? Oh no, SHE DIDN’T. Jack was right. I love Jack. Jack is always right. He is a good Dad. Why did he have to die? Randall. Oh my gosh. I love his family. Good for Kevin for being like Jack. I’m going to need some wine. Now I need ice cream. I want to hug my loved ones. It’s over? >>>>> Those were all things that I have thought every Tuesday night at 8:00 pm since last fall. THIS IS US is my new FAVORITE show. I love everything about it. It is real. It is genuine. It is possible. These characters take you on this journey of life with them and you start to get caught up in why and how life turns out the way it does. Seriously, where has this show been all my life. If you have not been watching this show and instead you’ve been watching trashy reality tv, shame. on. you. Look, I’m all for trashy reality television but if you’re watching it on Tuesday nights at 8:00 you are making a mistake. THIS IS US is what television needs. Wholesome and real. You go BIG THREE! >>>If you watch the show you know what I mean by that statement. If you don’t, sorry. You can’t sit with us.

Image result for this is us quotes

Six: Pops. I’ve talked about my dad before. He is the best person I know. He is the best and most supportive father and husband. Our family is so lucky to have him lead our crazy pack. My dad has been such a big support during this whole wedding planning process. I know normally the mother takes the reigns but in my case, it is a little different. Ya, my mom goes places with me and she is apart of the planning, but my dad is the backbone of the operation. He is the rockstar. This man makes my daughter heart SO HAPPY. He’s been my bff since day one. They say a daughters first love is her daddy and in my case, that is so true. I love hanging out with my dad. He even came and helped me say “yes to the dress!” I can’t wait to walk down the isle with him this December as he hands me off to the man that I love. Pops, thank you for everything that you do for me. You have set such a high bar for the type of man I want to marry. You are such a fearless leader, caregiver and confidant. I love you! -Chups (I can’t explain the nickname. I guess you could say it’s an inside joke that I don’t even understand.)


Seven: Oh my heart. Jarrett and I took engagement pictures on Tuesday evening in Texas and the sunset was perfect! I loved being there with him and we even snuck George in for a few shots. I thought that it would be awkward taking those pictures in front of someone else but it felt so natural. Jarrett, thank you for being my other half and the answer to my prayers. You truly complete me in ways that I could never have imagined. I love you more than anything and I can’t wait to be your wife. I am going to be the best dang wife this world has ever seen. PS: RACHEL ELAINE, you are amazing!! Thank you for capturing our love.


“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8

PSS: Thank you Lord for blessing much more than I deserve.

Until next time,


Sooner Magic is in the a-i-r

Y’all. Football season, it’s my jam. You talk about Christmas coming early. Sooner football on Owen Field is one of my favorite things in the world. There is nothing like it. My Daddy taught me long ago that there is nothing in the world like Sooner Magic. He also told me that I should believe in that magic because the game is not over until the clock strikes zero. He always told me that “crazier things have happened” when he saw me starting to loose hope. He taught me that there is so much to love about college football and that all good Saturdays start with gameday. I am so glad he raised me the way he did. I’m that girl that would rather watch football all day on Saturday than go shopping.

Yesterday was OU’s first home game. YIPPEE! It has arrived. We pre-gamed at Fuzzy’s with the fam and had the world’s [BEST] mexican food, margaritas and queso. Duh. What goes best with football? Fuzzy’s! Family time is even more fun these days because our little family of four has grown to a family of 6. Jarrett and Linsey fit right in. It’s like they’ve been with us forever and my parents a-d-o-r-e both of them. Here is a recent pic from yesterday of all of us. We’re a pretty good looking crew if I do say so myself.


From left to right** Linsey, John, Mom, Dad, me and Jarrett on Campus Corner

There is something in the air this football season and I think so much of the excitement comes from the fact that they have enclosed the stadium and made it a ball. EEEKKK! SO. EXCITING. My Dad has sat in the same seats since he was a kid with my Pappy and Pete. How sweet is that? Well this year he had a chance to switch to the other end of the field and he hopped on it. Even though leaving his parents seats that he grew up in was hard, he is happy with his move to the newer section. Can you say cleaner bathrooms? Oh, heck ya! Here is the four of us [[Linsey and John were in the student section]] in our new seats.


Let me hear you say BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!!!!

Football has always been so special to me because it just reminds me of my family and all of the sweet memories we have together. In the season of 2014, football became even more meaningful. During the Kansas game in 2014 Jarrett and I had our first date in the POURING RAIN. Y’all. I am not being dramatic here. It was pouring the entire game. To say we were soaked is almost an understatement. I love coming to games with him because it was on that day that I fell in love for the very first time. That day I decided the best, most selfless man who makes me life better just by being in it had walked into my life and I didn’t ever want to let him go. He’s mine y’all, and I couldn’t be happier. As we approach our two year anniversary I think of all the great things we have shared together and I am so glad that I can now share this part of my life with him too.

Jarrett, I love you honey. Thanks for balancing me in all the right ways and loving me like you do. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.fullsizerender-2

Well, that was my Saturday in a nutshell. Today you can find me cheering on my Dallas Cowboys as they play the NY Giants. Let’s go Cowboys.

Until next time. XOXO.

Celebration Station

Today is an exciting day in my book. I have a ton to celebrate with two very special people in my life.

Celebrating Lauren

My best friend, Lauren is graduating from Lincoln Memorial University with a PA degree TODAY. Yeah people, you heard me, TODAY. Today is the day! She is officially starting her adult life and I could not be more excited for her. She has worked so hard and I wish her all of the happiness in the world. There will be a lot of celebrating her in the next few months, and it will be tons of fun. Here is a little throwback picture for you, circa New Years 2012 (oh my!)


Cheers to you, Rapp! Love you long time. #lylas (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help the hashtag. It takes me back to my 5th grade yearbook signing days.) 🙂

Celebrating Meagan

Okay, the other super special person in my life that I get to celebrate today is my girl Meagan. She has become one of my best and dearest friends. Not only is she a great friend of mine, she’s Jarrett’s younger sister. People, it is a total plus when you absolutely adore your boyfriend’s sister. Real talk, it just makes life easier and way more fun. We met on a shopping trip almost two years ago. Holy cow, have I been around this family for that long? It seems just like yesterday. We clicked. I can’t explain it, but I knew that I wanted her to be my friend. She’s sweet, caring, spunky, sassy and funny all at the same time. She is also the world’s BEST Dog Momma. You guys, I’m for real on this one. Sign me up to get treated like her pup Hal. Her’s a princess! She is also the world’s best Aunt. Don’t freak out Dad, I’m just talking about Georgie! 🙂 She loves playing with our pup and it makes my heart happy. I am wishing her all of the celebrations today and I am so thankful to have this sweet girl in my life! I love you Meagan! Have a great birthday!! #lylas 

To top it off, she made the prettiest bride ever. Can I get an amen!

Here’s to hoping today is everything these two girls want it to be. I am so lucky to have both of them in my life. Cheers, friends!

Until next time.

xoxo, Sarah

Finding your calling

The disclaimer

Let me start off by saying that this is not one of those really cute and somewhat sappy posts. This post is full of real-life feelings and thoughts that I am somewhat nervous to share with others. Please know that even though this post is not full of positive and upbeat thoughts, I am grateful for every opportunity I have been given in life because I have learned from each experience.

Where does the time go?

I can hardly believe it. How has another summer come and gone? Teachers are reporting back to their respective buildings in just a little over a week?! What the heck? Two months have gone by already?! June is always the month that seems to drag for me. The days seem so long. Maybe it is that the Oklahoma heat continues to climb, or I am finding myself without a schedule for the first time in a while. Before I know it, the fourth has arrived. Lets just say that after the fireworks, time flies. Holy moly, July has come and gone with the blink of an eye. August is here and back to school sales are in full swing at the local Walmart.

How am I feeling about everything back to school? Keep reading to find out. 

I am ready to get back into a routine, but I am not sure that I am ready to go back to my building and start teaching. I always thought teaching was my calling. I felt my whole life that this is the one thing that God called me to do. Well, now starting my fourth year I have started to wonder. I wonder if there is a job out there that I might like better, that is less stressful, that pays more, that has strict hours (for instance 9 to 5 then you’re done). I will not lie to you, I have wondered that a lot lately. As budget cuts loom and teacher morale continues to decline, I wonder what my call in life really is. Is it to work tirelessly day after day and not even be able to pay my bills? What is with that? Is it to educate a child that could be the future president of the United States or a doctor that could cure a deadly disease and feel like people do not value the work that you do? As the November election draws closer, here is one thing that I wish I would hear from a presidential candidate: “Teachers need to be valued. Education needs to be valued. Teacher pay should not vary from state to state. It is ridiculous that two states that border have a $25,000 pay gap. That is wrong. We have teachers fleeing to multiple other careers because of the conditions in which they work, because of how under-appreciated they feel, yet we do nothing. We have done and continue to do nothing. Well, that is about to change.” Yeah, have you heard that? I haven’t. I think that even if I did hear someone say that I wouldn’t believe them. People, I’m screaming from the inside just waiting for someone to listen.

What I thought I knew about education

Yes, I chose this career path knowing the pay wasn’t great. I am not asking to get paid millions. I am not asking to get paid six figures. I am simply asking to get paid enough to live in my own home, be able to pay my bills, feed my dog, have basic cable (to watch a college football game in the fall), and pay off my school loans. I cannot even afford to do that and I’ve been teaching for four years. How is that possible? When I tell people what I get paid to do what I do they are astonished. I hear ya, it shocks me every day how under appreciated teachers are.

I know what you see on the news, but there is good out there

You know those crummy teachers you see on the news? Yeah, I see them to too. Just like you I am disgusted by some of the things they chose to do. Just because there are a few teachers who choose to make awful decisions, does not mean that all teachers are like that. Take a doctor that is in the legal battle of his life for malpractice. Does that mean that all doctors are bad? No! There are doctors that save lives each and every day. Do not let the few bad apples ruin it for the bunch. You can find good and bad in every profession. There are wonderful, caring, selfless, kind and giving teachers out there. They are not hard to find, and their voices are not being heard.

The voice of a tired and underappreciated third grade teacher that has lost her passion

I am urging you, begging you, please start listening to them. Here is what I have to say to future law makers and government leaders: “Please change your views on education. Please change how you feel about teachers. Please value us and what we do for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbors and friends. Please know that you are losing us. You are losing us to careers that we do not find as joyful or rewarding as teaching because of the way you value us. I know growing up you had at least one teacher you adored. One that made you feel valued. One that dried your tears when someone hurt your feelings or tagged you during a game at recess. I know you had a teacher that believed in you so much that you finally started to believe in yourself. I know you had a teacher that cried happy tears when you made incredible growth in just one school year. I know you had a teacher that never gave up on you.  I know you had a teacher that prayed every night that you would know how much you were loved by others. There are teachers out there that cry at the end of the school year because no matter how trying his of her year has been, he or she will miss their class dearly. There are teachers that care for their students as if they were there own. I know that you had a teacher you loved. Do you want to know how I know all of this? I am that teacher. I care for my students as if they were my own children. We grow tremendously together throughout the year and no matter how naughty some have been that year, it is heart wrenching to see them go. Throughout those nine months of school they become a part of you. They become yours. You understand that their parents have entrusted you with God’s greatest gift to them, their child, and that is not something you take lightly. Please value me. Please value the other teachers like me. You are losing me. You are losing me to the career I always wanted. You are losing me to something that I feel called to do. You are losing a wonderful teacher. Change how you view us. Change how you value us. Show us that you see the difference we are making in the lives of children every day.” 

Trying to find the positive, even when it seems like there is none

As I gear up for this upcoming school year, I am going into it knowing that it could be my last. I am hopeful that I will find the positively that I once did, because boy-oh-boy, I sure do love those kiddos. More importantly, I love teaching. I am hoping that this year brings a new joy in teaching that I have somewhat lost. I hope that I will find clarity in a career that will either continue or end after this year. I need to search for the passion that I once had for the career I could not wait to start. I know it is in there somewhere, I just need to find it again. Until I find the answer I am searching for, I will leave you with this quote: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”                -Nelson Mandela

Until next time,

xoxo- Sarah


Happy Birthday Momma Richie!

Happy, happy birthday Momma Richie! Yesterday was a super fun day for Jarrett’s family because it was his sweet momma’s birthday. She is such a great lady and I am so fortunate to have her in my life. She has taken me in as one of her own and I am so grateful for that. I love the relationship that I have with her. From running errands, to spending quality time with her, I just love talking to her. I am so happy to have her in my life. I even work with her. How cool is that?! I am so lucky that to know her. Happy birthday Momma! I hope you had the best day!


This is us on 50’s day at school. Seriously, could she be ANY cuter? She is adorable!


Oh my goodness…this was so long ago! I was just getting to know them but I knew I loved them already.


This was at the OU/Tulsa game in September 2015. We had so much fun! I am so glad that Richie could go to a home game in Norman. It was a great day! Boomer Sooner! 


This picture cracks me up! If you can’t mean mug with your Momma, who can you really mean mug and be sassy with? I just love the lady in gray!

I hope your day was everything you hoped it to be. From pancakes at iHop, to shopping and fried rice. I am glad we could end your night with a bang and a hot fudge sundae from Braums. If you don’t know the birthday rule, here it is: The birthday girl MUST eat the dessert of her choice on her birthday. It’s just how the world works. I am hoping this year is the best one yet. I love you!


Welcome to the 25 and up club, Lauren!

Happy birthday to my best girl, Lauren! I cannot say enough sweet things about her. She has been my best friend for as long as I can remember, and in a few short months (3 to be exact) she will become Mrs. Lauren Wicker. Holy moly, I am so excited for her! She has been through life’s ups and downs with me, and we have done a lot of growing together. I wish I could see her today, but just know that I am celebrating you from afar! I love you Lauren! Have the most wonderful day!

Lauren and Sarah- OK

Look at those faces…fresh out of college! We were babies.

Wickers 15

This is one of our favorite places. We took the boys to a piano bar and had them sing with us. It was fun to show them a part of us. They took it like champs. 


This was the day of her engagement! Ahh! December 2015. OMG, that was a great day!

This was Lauren’s celebratory send-off to LMU at Joe T. Garcia’s. Oh how we love Joe T.’s. The margs are some for the books. That handsome fella over there, that’s my Dad. He loves Lauren as if she was his own. He could not wait to send her off in style, and I’m talking, Abraham Lincoln style!


How is it that we always manage to have a margarita somewhere close to us? It’s just who we are. Catching up is what we do, and we do it our way. Always. 


This picture was taken at our favorite place, Uncle J’s. Oh my, Uncle Julios we love you! Funny thing, when I decided to go back to Oklahoma and work, we sat in a table at the back of the restaurant, put up our menus and cried a little over chips, salsa and margs. This was the moment that we realized we were in fact becoming adults. It was scary. By the way, we are wearing the EXACT same shirt, just different colors.  Best friends share a brain, haven’t you heard!

One of my favorite things about Lauren is her giving heart. When I got my very first job in Moore, Oklahoma, she drove up and taught science to my crazy little second graders. When I say crazy, I could not be more honest. They were nuts. Holy moly, I had NO idea what I was doing. They were so wonderful for her. They loved their time with Ms. Lauren. She totally rocked it and we were all sad when she couldn’t come back on Monday. Having her was like having Bill Nye the Science Guy teach your class. 


This is a collage I made for Lauren one year for her birthday. Can you tell when have been together FOREVER? We have. The top picture is of us in UCC Weekday School when we were three or four. We go way back people. The bottom right is our graduation from high school. We went in opposite directions for college, but our friendship withstood the test of time. We heart each other. We can’t do life without the other. The bottom left was our last semester in college. Oh my, we thought we had our whole lives figured out. Needless to say, they didn’t turn out how either one of us planned and we are SO HAPPY about that. They turned out so much better. 

That’s it. That’s us. I am so lucky to have a friend like her in my life. She is my best girl and I couldn’t ask for anyone better. I love you Lauren! Have a great day!

xoxo, Sarah




Let Freedom Ring!

This past weekend was filled with fireworks, good food, great people and some fun in the sun. I spent the Fourth of July with my second family (Jarrett’s family) here in Oklahoma and it was a blast. I love these people. It is so nice to have such a great support system up here since my family is all the way back in North Texas. Speaking of my family, I cannot wait for football season because it means that I get to see them whenever OU has a home game! 🙂 

On Saturday, July 3rd, our neighborhood does a Fourth of July parade, fireworks show and gives away free snowcones. Come on people, free snowcones?! Life does not get much better than that. We grilled in the backyard and ate some DELICIOUS food. I heard that some people diet over the Fourth of July to stay in bikini shape. Girl, if you are out there, I’d like to meet you because I think you might be a little crazy. Let yourself indulge a little bit. Besides, hamburgers, hot dogs, mac salad, fruit and banana pudding, they’re good for your soul.


It is important that I mention that the guy on the left. That’s Dustin. He is married to Jarrett’s sister Meagan. He makes the BEST banana pudding. We’ve really bonded over our love for anything banana. He also likes the state of Texas, so we have that in common too. Those are our sweet pups in the picture. Doesn’t it look like Georgie is just waiting to be crazy. Don’t be fooled. She is crazy, but she’s my kind of crazy and I love her.


We are heading to watch the parade that takes place around the pond. See that lady in the gray? Yeah, that’s Jarrett’s mom. She is all kinds of wonderful and I am so lucky to have such a great relationship with her. That lady cannot wait to be a Nana. She’ll be an excellent one, but Jarrett and I are going to let Meagan and Dustin go first!


This is my girl Meagan. She is not only Jarrett’s sister, but a friend of mine. I actually hung out with her before Jarrett and I even started dating. It was friendship at first sight. We bonded over our love of crafting, white wine (moscato to be exact) and shopping. She is great and I am so lucky to have her in my life. It feels like we’ve been friends forever. She is always including me in her outings with her mom and that’s so special to me. She’s a little bit sassy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I dish it right back. She is the sister I always wanted. Love this sweet sister-friend of mine.


I’ve been told that finding the time to take pictures can be hard. I was told by someone that they barely have any pictures from their life. Oh, how sad I thought. That was the moment that I vowed not to be like that. I love taking pictures of my family and friends. They are little mementos that last a lifetime. You see that picture up there? I’d like to tell you that this is not how family pictures always go, but it is, especially when Georgie is involved. Oh Georgie. All mommy wanted was a sweet family picture on the Fourth of July and this is what we got instead, but you know what? This is us. This is who we are. We are constantly laughing and playing with Georgie and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Our life is all sorts of crazy, but it’s all mine and extremely special to me.


On the actual Fourth of July, we headed over to Buck Thomas Park in Moore for their fireworks show. People, this is the best fireworks show I have ever seen. It is awesome. I loved every second of it. There is nothing like laying down on a blanket, listening to music and watching fireworks with the one that you love. It is all kinds of wonderful. Jarrett and I have some really great memories together over our time together, but this is one of my favorites. And this picture, is my favorite picture of us. It is so us. This is who we are. We are not fancy. We are t-shirts, shorts and a baseball cap. I love it. I love him. I love fireworks. I love it all. 

Well, that wraps up my holiday. It was one for the books! I hope yours was spent with family, friends and of course, fireworks.


Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today, July 2nd, is a very special day in my book. It is my daddy’s birthday. My papa-doe. My pop. My champion, hero, confidant and biggest cheerleader. Yeah, it’s his birthday and I couldn’t be more happy to celebrate him. He is the best guy I know, and I’m not exaggerating. He is wonderful. They say that a baby girl’s first love is her daddy, and in my case, that is absolutely true. Pops and Sarah

He is the one that told me bed time stories and rubbed my back every night before I went to bed. He is the one that carried me to my bed (even in my late elementary years) when I fell asleep somewhere other than my room. He is the one that took me to work with him and let me play on his payroll machine and pretend to be his secretary.

Oldschool Sarah & Daddy

He is also the one that spent countless hours on the trampoline with me “sending me to the moon” or “cracking my egg.” He is the one that practiced bumping and setting with me until it got dark during my volleyball years. He caught me when I jumped in the pool and he taught me how to drive.

OU Old school pic

He taught me to always root for the sooners. He taught me to never give up on them during a game because there is something known as “sooner magic” and it runs strong. He taught me how to find treasure in a college town like Norman, Oklahoma. He taught me that hard work and persistence turns into something great and we got “happy-sad”together when I got my acceptance letter to OU.

Sarah and Daddy OU Football

He is the one that took me on ice cream dates, just the two of us. He is the one that came and helped me set up my room for my first year in third grade. He is the one that came and met my principal when I accepted my very first teaching job. Yeah, he’s that Dad and I couldn’t be happier. He is the one that took me to see “Sound of Music the Musical” in Fair Park, and to this day it is my favorite daddy-daughter date.

Sarah and Dad

He taught me never to settle for anything less than what I deserve. He set such a great example of how a man should act and treat a woman. He set the bar so high that I hadn’t found someone that I loved until I met Jarrett. He showed me what kind of man I should look for when I think about my future husband and the father of my children. He also taught me that when I found it I would just know and that I shouldn’t rush it. He taught me that it would happen when the time was right.


He spent many late nights with me finishing science projects, reading projects and teaching me another way to solve math problems. He did everything in his power to make sure I was going to succeed. He is my biggest fan. My biggest hero. My champion. 


Dad, you are my hero. Thank you for everything that you have done for me. I could never name all the great and wonderful things I love about you because there are far too many. You are the first man I ever loved and no one can ever take your place in my heart. I wish I was there to celebrate with you today, but know that I will be celebrating you all the way in Oklahoma. You are the best Pops in the whole world. Thank you for sharing your love of Uncle Julio’s fajitas, swirls, m&m’s, football and ice cream with me. I love you, have the best birthday! You deserve it!




Y’all. Netflix is the real deal. If you don’t have netflix and can spare about ten dollars a month, you should seriously consider it. It’s a pretty sweet deal. They have most tv series, present day and old school movies and documentaries. Netflix can almost be addicting. Right after college I binged watched the whole “One Tree Hill” series in a week. I kid you not. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I border line locked myself in my room and had no contact with the outside world for seven days. I have started watching a new series, “Scream” with Jarrett and I am loving it. It is suspenseful and scary (which normally is not my thing. I scare easily) but I can’t turn away. I got into the scary movie thing last week when the movie “Scream” was on TV and Jarrett and I watched it. Even though it totally and completely freaks me out, I look forward to watching the episodes. If you are looking for a new series, I would highly recommend it. With that being said, we are only on episode four, but so far it has not disappointed. You might see me cover my eyes every once in a while (especially when a favorite character gets stabbed) but still, I can’t stop watching. If you are wanting to try out netflix for free, you are in luck. Netflix does a 30-day free trail. Try it for yourself and see if it is something you would like to invest your money in. I did the trial just to make sure because I am a creature of habit and new things can make me uneasy. Turned out this was a great thing and I am so glad that I invested in netflix. So I challenge you, find a series you are interested in. It is a good escape. Happy watching.