A look into my life

Welcome! Thank you so much for visiting my blog.  My name is Sarah and I was born and raised in the great state of Texas where the humidity is high and cowboy boots and beer run wild around town like high schoolers on homecoming weekend. I attended the University of Oklahoma for college and then this great state stole my heart. Along the way to becoming a true Oklahoman, a sweet brown eyed boy named Jarrett swept me off my feet and got the ever so guarded key to my heart. Some days I feel like I’ve known him forever and other times I feel like our relationship just began. He has been my rock and balances me in ways that I cannot even explain. We have done a lot of growing together and experienced many firsts together. One of those being doggy parents to our sweet, yet adorably hyper yellow lab mix, Georgie. Raising her has been quite the learning experience and we have learned a lot about ourselves and each other.  My family resides in Fort Worth, Texas with our dog Boomer and my brother attends the University of Oklahoma and will be graduating in the Spring. Can you tell that we are truly Sooners at heart, because we are! I am lucky enough to have another family up here in Oklahoma and I have become as close to them as my own family. They have taken me  in as one of their own and I am forever grateful for the relationships I have with them. Stay tuned to see what I am up to as I blog about the things  I love most. Happy reading!



My sweet little family, Christmas 2015

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