sup? here’s a little life lately.


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I struggled with keeping my writing up because I was not sure if there were people that were actually interested in reading about my life. After all, I am so not interesting but then again, neither are half the people that blog. So here I am. A lot has been going on lately, or at least since last time I blogged. I’ll talk about a little bit of everything that I have been doing/thinking/wondering and laughing about since last time I wrote. Enjoy!

One: My best girl, Lauren got married and HOLY COW it was the celebration of the century! I’m talking [drop the mic] fun. Lauren, I was so HONORED to stand by your side as you married Stephen and became Mrs. Wicker, PA-C (of course :)) In case you guys were wondering she was also the most b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l bride I have ever seen. She legit looked like a princess and she deserves every happiness. After all, she has put up with my crap for the last 25 years. And Stephen if you’re reading this, you better be good to her or you’ll have to answer to me. I know you won’t let me down. Check out some pictures below from her ever so gorgeous wedding! PS: her Gran broke it down to “Uptown Funk” which actually might have been the HIGHLIGHT of the whole night. That is how fun her wedding was. Even Gran got jiggy with it. Lauren, I love you so much. You are my soilmate. I could not do life without you. In the words of our favorite Golden Girls, “thank you for being a friend.”

TWO: Surprise! I’ve been wondering for some time if my ever so sweet but at times hard-to-read boyfriend Jarrett was ever going to ask the question that every girl in l-o-v-e longs to hear. Ya, he has said the “i love yous” and the “you’re the one for me” but I hadn’t been asked that very special question that I had been waiting to hear him say. I kinda thought that maybe he would ask at Christmas but the holidays came and went with nothing out of the ordinary happening. I had convinced myself that he really was going to finish school before asking me and I kept telling myself that he wants it and it will all happen in good time. Little did I know, Jarrett was keeping a little secret. We had finally arrived back home in Oklahoma after being in Texas for Christmas and for a few days we were in store for some fairly warm December weather. Jarrett knows how much I love going for walks (even though I don’t always love taking George. The girl can be cray, and sometimes she cramps my style) so he asked me if I wanted to walk around OU with him and George the next day. I said sure! I was so clueless as to anything potentially happening. He asked me if I wanted to ask his Mom to go and I said sure (she is so fun and sometimes I have to remind myself that I am not her actual daughter), so she came along. We were walking just like normal when we stopped in front of the stadium because Jarrett wanted to take a picture with us and George. OKAY, PEOPLE. HOW DID I NOT KNOW RIGHT THEN? My boyfriend does not EVER want to take pictures, but alas, I had no idea. Of course the control freak in me was trying to hold George up so that Richie could take the picture but Jarrett set her down and we smiled. I turned to show him that George was not looking at the camera (ridiculous right!) and when I turned back around he was down on one knee!! Oh. Em. Gee. You talk about being surprised. This was the best and biggest surprise of my life and it could not have been more perfect. December 28, 2016, you were the best day ever and I cannot wait to become Mrs. Shelton. Just in case you were wondering, George is PUMPED that her parents are getting married.


THREE: I’m calling this part of the post the “Valentines Day Volleyball.” If you’re a fan of F-R-I-E-N-D-S you could title this episode “The one with the volleyball and broken finger.” Doesn’t that just sound OH SO ROMANTIC. Picture it now: You’re Jarrett, driving home from class on Valentines Day looking forward to making Valentines candy and drinking wine with your fiance. All of the sudden you get a phone call. On the other end is Sarah, your fiance, hysterically crying. You can’t understand a word she is saying because not only is she crying and talking at the same time but with the combination of that, snot and slobber, you don’t have a prayer in understanding. You’re not sure if she is okay or if she got in a wreck, if someone has passed or if she just got done watching a youtube video clip of Marley & Me (that movie is a HEART-WRENCHER btw). As you ask her to calm down and try to explain what happened she tells you that she hurt her finger. You start to giggle a little (and yes, she heard you) because knowing Sarah she probably bumped it on the door handle and it hurt a little. After all, she can be dramatic, but it is one of the reasons you fell in love with her. As she is still in hysterics but trying to convince you that she is fine, you tell her that she needs to go to the ER and get it checked out but to wait until you get home. Funny how she immediately said no. I mean, so stubborn even when she is in that state of mind. She gets home first but Richie has already called Sarah’s Mom and Dad to let them know that she has done some serious damage to her finger. You can tell by their tone that they too think she is being a little dramatic but agree that Sarah needs to go get checked out somewhere.  When Jarrett arrives home he is concerned because Sarah’s finger has began to turn purple, bruise and it is clearly not okay. After some sass, Sarah gets in the car and her, Jarrett and Richie head to urgent care. They were not able to help so they go to the ER. Sarah receives the news that it is broken and calls her parents crying to let them know. They feel awful and tell her it is going to be okay and that maybe some ice cream would make her feel better. Ice cream is the sure-fire-way to my heart but none of that fancy ice cream, Blue Bell or Braums will suffice. Sarah laughs and tells them that she will be fine without it and they finally get home about 9:00. Can you picture how romantic our night was? It was definitely one for the books. It hasn’t really been funny until now. I am so glad that I can laugh about it now. BTW, had to have surgery on it. Boo-yah. Happy V-Day guys. PS: If your fiance isn’t willing to bathe you and wash your hair because your finger is broken, dump him. He’s not worth your time. There are guys out there that will. Trust me. 😉

Four: New beginnings. This has a lot to do with life. Jobs, marriage, moving. There is a lot going on in my life right now. All exciting, but it doesn’t come without the occasional headache. Here’s some words of wisdom: Adulting is hard but also so rewarding. Love, marriage, potential babies down the line and starting a family of your own someday is rewarding and fun. Jobs and moving are hard. It is hard to make decisions that will greatly impact your life. Think things through. Weigh the pros and cons. Go for a walk and get some air. Pray about it. Take a deep breath. I am still reminding myself of those last few things. In the end, everything will work out as it was intended. Life is a wild ride. Make sure you roll the windows down every once in a while.

Five: This is us. Oh My Gosh. Wow. Did that just happen? Oh no, SHE DIDN’T. Jack was right. I love Jack. Jack is always right. He is a good Dad. Why did he have to die? Randall. Oh my gosh. I love his family. Good for Kevin for being like Jack. I’m going to need some wine. Now I need ice cream. I want to hug my loved ones. It’s over? >>>>> Those were all things that I have thought every Tuesday night at 8:00 pm since last fall. THIS IS US is my new FAVORITE show. I love everything about it. It is real. It is genuine. It is possible. These characters take you on this journey of life with them and you start to get caught up in why and how life turns out the way it does. Seriously, where has this show been all my life. If you have not been watching this show and instead you’ve been watching trashy reality tv, shame. on. you. Look, I’m all for trashy reality television but if you’re watching it on Tuesday nights at 8:00 you are making a mistake. THIS IS US is what television needs. Wholesome and real. You go BIG THREE! >>>If you watch the show you know what I mean by that statement. If you don’t, sorry. You can’t sit with us.

Image result for this is us quotes

Six: Pops. I’ve talked about my dad before. He is the best person I know. He is the best and most supportive father and husband. Our family is so lucky to have him lead our crazy pack. My dad has been such a big support during this whole wedding planning process. I know normally the mother takes the reigns but in my case, it is a little different. Ya, my mom goes places with me and she is apart of the planning, but my dad is the backbone of the operation. He is the rockstar. This man makes my daughter heart SO HAPPY. He’s been my bff since day one. They say a daughters first love is her daddy and in my case, that is so true. I love hanging out with my dad. He even came and helped me say “yes to the dress!” I can’t wait to walk down the isle with him this December as he hands me off to the man that I love. Pops, thank you for everything that you do for me. You have set such a high bar for the type of man I want to marry. You are such a fearless leader, caregiver and confidant. I love you! -Chups (I can’t explain the nickname. I guess you could say it’s an inside joke that I don’t even understand.)


Seven: Oh my heart. Jarrett and I took engagement pictures on Tuesday evening in Texas and the sunset was perfect! I loved being there with him and we even snuck George in for a few shots. I thought that it would be awkward taking those pictures in front of someone else but it felt so natural. Jarrett, thank you for being my other half and the answer to my prayers. You truly complete me in ways that I could never have imagined. I love you more than anything and I can’t wait to be your wife. I am going to be the best dang wife this world has ever seen. PS: RACHEL ELAINE, you are amazing!! Thank you for capturing our love.


“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8

PSS: Thank you Lord for blessing much more than I deserve.

Until next time,



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