Sooner Magic is in the a-i-r

Y’all. Football season, it’s my jam. You talk about Christmas coming early. Sooner football on Owen Field is one of my favorite things in the world. There is nothing like it. My Daddy taught me long ago that there is nothing in the world like Sooner Magic. He also told me that I should believe in that magic because the game is not over until the clock strikes zero. He always told me that “crazier things have happened” when he saw me starting to loose hope. He taught me that there is so much to love about college football and that all good Saturdays start with gameday. I am so glad he raised me the way he did. I’m that girl that would rather watch football all day on Saturday than go shopping.

Yesterday was OU’s first home game. YIPPEE! It has arrived. We pre-gamed at Fuzzy’s with the fam and had the world’s [BEST] mexican food, margaritas and queso. Duh. What goes best with football? Fuzzy’s! Family time is even more fun these days because our little family of four has grown to a family of 6. Jarrett and Linsey fit right in. It’s like they’ve been with us forever and my parents a-d-o-r-e both of them. Here is a recent pic from yesterday of all of us. We’re a pretty good looking crew if I do say so myself.


From left to right** Linsey, John, Mom, Dad, me and Jarrett on Campus Corner

There is something in the air this football season and I think so much of the excitement comes from the fact that they have enclosed the stadium and made it a ball. EEEKKK! SO. EXCITING. My Dad has sat in the same seats since he was a kid with my Pappy and Pete. How sweet is that? Well this year he had a chance to switch to the other end of the field and he hopped on it. Even though leaving his parents seats that he grew up in was hard, he is happy with his move to the newer section. Can you say cleaner bathrooms? Oh, heck ya! Here is the four of us [[Linsey and John were in the student section]] in our new seats.


Let me hear you say BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!!!!

Football has always been so special to me because it just reminds me of my family and all of the sweet memories we have together. In the season of 2014, football became even more meaningful. During the Kansas game in 2014 Jarrett and I had our first date in the POURING RAIN. Y’all. I am not being dramatic here. It was pouring the entire game. To say we were soaked is almost an understatement. I love coming to games with him because it was on that day that I fell in love for the very first time. That day I decided the best, most selfless man who makes me life better just by being in it had walked into my life and I didn’t ever want to let him go. He’s mine y’all, and I couldn’t be happier. As we approach our two year anniversary I think of all the great things we have shared together and I am so glad that I can now share this part of my life with him too.

Jarrett, I love you honey. Thanks for balancing me in all the right ways and loving me like you do. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.fullsizerender-2

Well, that was my Saturday in a nutshell. Today you can find me cheering on my Dallas Cowboys as they play the NY Giants. Let’s go Cowboys.

Until next time. XOXO.


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