Y’all. Netflix is the real deal. If you don’t have netflix and can spare about ten dollars a month, you should seriously consider it. It’s a pretty sweet deal. They have most tv series, present day and old school movies and documentaries. Netflix can almost be addicting. Right after college I binged watched the whole “One Tree Hill” series in a week. I kid you not. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I border line locked myself in my room and had no contact with the outside world for seven days. I have started watching a new series, “Scream” with Jarrett and I am loving it. It is suspenseful and scary (which normally is not my thing. I scare easily) but I can’t turn away. I got into the scary movie thing last week when the movie “Scream” was on TV and Jarrett and I watched it. Even though it totally and completely freaks me out, I look forward to watching the episodes. If you are looking for a new series, I would highly recommend it. With that being said, we are only on episode four, but so far it has not disappointed. You might see me cover my eyes every once in a while (especially when a favorite character gets stabbed) but still, I can’t stop watching. If you are wanting to try out netflix for free, you are in luck. Netflix does a 30-day free trail. Try it for yourself and see if it is something you would like to invest your money in. I did the trial just to make sure because I am a creature of habit and new things can make me uneasy. Turned out this was a great thing and I am so glad that I invested in netflix. So I challenge you, find a series you are interested in. It is a good escape. Happy watching.




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