What’s Up Wednesday

One reason that I thought it would be fun to start a blog is because I was inspired. So many great things come directly from inspiration. I love watching the Bachelor. I have been into it for years. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s silly. And yes, I know that it usually does not work out, but every once in a while the end couple is one that you just KNOW in your HEART is going to make it. You fell in love with them as the show progressed. I love Sean and Catherine Lowe. Boy, oh boy, have they made it. They now are married (have been for a few years), baby is due any day now and I just adore them and wish them all the best. Anyways, back to my inspiration. Along the way of following up on them and seeing how they’re doing, I came across Sean’s sisters blog. Her name is Shay Shull, and sometimes she is better known as “The Mix and Match Mama.” I started reading her blog and fell in love with her and her family. Seriously, she is awesome. Check out her blog here. I just know that you will love her too. On the last Wednesday of every month she does a “What’s Up Wednesday” post about all the things she has been and is doing this month. I loved the idea, so here it goes. Enjoy!

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What we’re eating this week…

Okay, here’s the deal. We’ve been eating some yummy things recently, and not all of them have been home cooked, and that’s alright because you know what? It’s summer. I am a sucker for eating comfort foods at home in the fall and winter and being in the kitchen that time of year is my absolute favorite, but in the summertime I just want to be outside all the time and not inside the kitchen. Here are some delicious things we have done at home this month so far:

Baked Honey Garlic Chicken and Fried Rice. Can you say holy yum, because this dinner is not one to disappoint. This is one of my all time favorite meals and there are no complaints when I make it at my house. Its something about that sweet Texas honey (bought at a Farmer’s Market when I was visiting my parents in Fort Worth) and the spice of the Sriracha sauce that makes this plate unforgettable. It leaves you wanting to go back for seconds. Find the link to my pinterest fried rice and honey garlic chicken here. 🙂

Chicken Enchiladas. Confession: This recipe I have no hand in making but I sure do love eating it. Jarrett makes the best Chicken Enchiladas I have ever had in my life. Dare I say, they are even better than Uncle Julios, and my best friend Lauren knows how much I love Uncle J’s. That means, these things, yeah, they’re a big deal. I am so lucky that I have a man who loves cooking and baking. Seriously, could he be any more wonderful? On Sunday mornings our guilty pleasure is watching The Pioneer Woman on Food Network. She is a Queen. He got her recipe off of pinterest and it was love at first sight. If you like mexican and everything wonderful in the world, these bad boys are for you. I promise they will not disappoint.

Banana Pancakes/Waffles. People, if you are not a breakfast person, you should become one because you are seriously missing out on some delicious food. I get it. It can be hard to wake up early. Now myself, I am early to bed, early to rise but I get that a majority of the people in this world are not like that. So here is a solution: breakfast for dinner. It is literally the best thing in the world and I’m not sorry for being so overly dramatic. These babies are the bomb.com and if you like bananas and you like being happy, go get your booty cookin’ in the kitchen.

We have had so much more that has been absolutely delicious, but these were definitely the standouts this month. If you would like to see more of what we cook around here make sure to check out my pinterest.

What I’m reminiscing about…

Okay, I’ve been doing some serious reminiscing lately about mine and Jarrett’s relationship and I think a lot of that has to do with that it is wedding season and love is all around us. Oh lord, how I love that man. He has brought out the best in me for the last year and a half and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us. He is so caring and genuine and he’s absolutely great just the way he is. I wouldn’t change a thing. He knows everything about me and loves me anyways and tells me all the time that he loves me more and more every day, and I feel the same way. I know I can be a force to be reckoned with and he loves me with a smile. That’s a good man I have here, and I don’t know how I caught him but I sure am glad I did.


Can you believe that this was one of our first pictures together at a friend’s wedding in December of 2014 (12.13.14 to be exact)? She is also the friend that set us up. Christin, I am FOREVER GRATEFUL. You are the best girl.


Here is one of our most recent pictures from our early June trip to Omaha, Nebraska. Look at my cute little family, we are perfect in our own crazy way. I am one lucky lady. (6.2.16)

What I’m Loving…

This might sound funny, but I love my walks. I go on walks around the neighborhood daily, maybe even more than once if I’m really feeling it. I love walking around the pond in our neighborhood, watching the kids and families and listening to my music. It is my thinking time and I really enjoy it. I also love it when Jarrett and Georgie join me on my walks but being outside this time of year really makes me feel refreshed. If you don’t go on walks, you should try it. It is seriously relaxing.

This is my view on my morning and evening walks. Make sure to watch for ducks and geese. 🙂

What we’ve been up to…

These days my summers are more relaxed than they’ve ever been and I’m loving it. I’m in that stage where I am not a child running from activity to activity and I don’t have children that need to be taken to multiple activities daily. It is, in one word, awesome. Since I am a teacher I get the summer’s off and it’s a pretty sweet deal because I still get paid. Booyah. That is a serious perk. Jarrett is in his last semester of summer school, yay! (Did I mention how proud of him I am? Because I am one proud girlfriend over here. He works so hard I know he is ready to be done.) When he is not in school or studying, we spend our time going to the lake, movies, walking around the mall (window shopping, we are trying to save $$$) and just watching movies at home. It is seriously wonderful. Sometimes I’ll venture out and see some friends, but I really love that there is nothing pressing that needs to be done. Jarrett and I took a trip to Omaha, Nebraska in early June for my birthday and it was great! We went to visit some friends who recently got engaged (insert huge Woo here). They are so wonderful and such great friends and we couldn’t be happier for them. We also went home to Texas for Father’s Day Weekend and I loved getting to see my family and swim in the backyard. Some of my favorite summer memories happened in that backyard with my BFF Lauren and I wouldn’t trade those for the world. This upcoming month of July is going to be crazy busy with birthdays (my Papa turns 80, holy moly!), a lake vacation to Grand Lake and the Fourth of July, so stay tuned for some pictures of how I’ll be spending the rest of my summer stay-cation.


These are our friends Dakota and Kim. Fun Fact: Their dog Frank is Georgie’s boyfriend. How cute is that? They are so wonderful and we love getting to spend time with them. If only they lived closer. Maybe we will live by them later in life. You never know! 😉


Upper Crust at Classen Curve, OKC for my birthday dinner. Holy yum. It was good!

What I’m Dreading…

Well luckily this one is over. Yesterday I went to the dentist for the first time in almost two years and I can’t stand going. I haven’t ever had a cavity and I am scared every time that I am going to get one. I know, don’t be such a baby but I can’t help it. The two year old comes out in me every time. No worries though, I got a good report and they sent me on my way. I’ll see them again in about six months.

What I’m working on…

Today I am thinking about this one as “what can I do to improve myself and the relationships I have with others?” So I think I’m just going to leave this one at that, but just know that there is always room for everyone to improve, no one is perfect even if they seem like it on the outside. You should always try to find the good in people, because everyone has something to contribute to this world.

What I’m excited about…

You guys, it is almost here!!! October 22, 2016!!!! It is seriously close. My best friend in the whole entire world is getting married. Sometimes I have to remind myself that she is almost a married woman. This girl. Where do I start? Her name is Lauren. She is all kinds of great. She’s smart, pretty, caring, kind, funny and sassy all at the same time, but I love it. She always tells me how it is and has for years. She is the one person that has known me and been there for me for my whole life. We have truly been through life’s ups and downs together and I could not have made it without her. We have laughed, cried, yelled, sang , joked and its been a wild ride. I could not do life without her. We may not always live in the same place or near each other, but our friendship hasn’t changed in twenty five years and I know it will be like that for the rest of our lives. And Stephen, he is perfect for her. He also looks like Aaron Carter and I’m into it. It makes for some good joking around. I absolutely adore him and I cannot wait for these two to tie the knot. Cheers to the SOON TO BE Wickers! I love you guys so much!

What I’m watching/reading…

I am currently watching the “Scream” trilogy with Jarrett. While these freak me out and make me jumpy I can’t look away. I am also watching Orange is the new black on Netflix and I love watching the Food Network. I am reading Safe Haven. I am a sucker for a good romantic novel. Seriously, this one tugs at my heartstrings. Abused and beaten wife flees to a small town to get away from her alcoholic ex-husband, meets a handsome single father who owns a general store in town (oh and his wife died), she falls in love but there is a twist (I am not going to ruin it, read it for yourself). It is a tear-jerker. Have the tissues ready. When you finished make sure you watch the movie. Again, have the box of kleenex ready, especially at the end.

What I’m listening to…

Lately I have been really into oldies. I’m talking like my parents kind of oldies. It must be summer in the air. I’m loving it. For you oldies lovers in the OKC area, 92.5 is where it was at this month.

What I’m wearing…

Summertime to me means bathing suits and workout clothes and that is exactly what it has been. This month has been all about t-shirts, shorts, bathing suits and being comfortable and I am loving every second of it. School will be back in session before I know it and that will bring booties and dresses so I am living it up in my comfy clothes while I can.

What I’m doing this weekend…

This weekend is Fourth of July weekend, yippee! It is such a fun and hot time of year. I love the fourth because I love fireworks. This weekend I will be wishing my Papa-Doe a very happy birthday! (his special day falls on July 2nd) I will also be watching a fireworks show most likely in my neighborhood and also Buck Thomas Park in Moore (they have the best show!)

What I’m looking forward to next month…

Well there are lots of fun things to look forward to this next month. It is full of holidays, birthdays and a vacation to the lake! First things first, one of the most special men in my life has a birthday this Saturday, July 2nd. He is the most caring, selfless and funny man that I know. He is my Dad. He is wonderful and he is my hero. I would celebrate him every day if I could. Happy birthday Dad, I love you so much!

Oldschool Sarah & Daddy

Secondly, its the Fourth of July this next month. Hooray! I love the fourth. The perfect fourth consist of grilling, fireworks and maybe even a swim if you’re lucky. I love the mix of all things wonderful that happen when you’re celebrating the red-white-and-blue!

Sarah and Jarrett Fourth of July 2015This is us on the Fourth of July 2015. Jarrett is a good guy for dealing with my love of taking pictures. I think that it is so important to document so that you can look back at all of the wonderful things in your life that you are thankful for. 🙂

Also this month we will be taking a Grand Lake vacation with the Horner side of Jarrett’s family. I can’t wait. Jarrett and I didn’t get to go last year because he was in school and I was in Hawaii with my family but this year we are getting to go for a few days and I can’t wait. His grandparents are extremely generous to take everyone on vacation every year and I am so honored to be included. It is always fun when Horner’s are involved! (Especially when his Aunt Shannon & Uncle Greg are there!)

On the last day of the month we will be heading back to Texas to celebrate my Papa’s 80th birthday. Can you believe that…80 years old?! I should probably say 80 years young because he still swims, drives and walks in the neighborhood. I must say, he does not look 80 just quite yet. He even golfs. While Papa and I have had our ups and downs, I have come to realize that he has always wanted what is best for me and I appreciate how much he cares. Also, he wouldn’t ever tell my cousins but we all know that John and I are his favorites. After all, he tells us all the time! 😉

What else is new…

Nothing much else is new around here, just relaxin and doing my thing.

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend. Enjoy yourselves and find something sparkly in the night sky on Sunday or Monday night. Happy Fourth!




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