Viva Las Vegas

Today I am reminiscing about my winter trip to Vegas. If I could describe it in one word it would be perfect. Jarrett’s birthday fell right after our one year anniversary (yes that is a BIG deal for me) and so I decided to plan a one year anniversary/birthday trip to Vegas for Jarrett. While I love Vegas and have always wanted to go back, there is a reason that I chose the city that never sleeps. My boyfriend Jarrett was in the Air Force for seven years and was stationed in both Okinawa, Japan and Las Vegas. I have so much respect for this man for giving his time and life to his country for that amount of time. He spent his last three years in Vegas before ending his enlistment and he has spent time telling me how he would like to visit again with me. To make a long story short, I made it happen. I even managed to get his best friend Dakota and his girlfriend Kim on a flight to Vegas at the same time to make the birthday weekend even more special. It was great! I was so happy to let Jarrett have this time with Dakota because we don’t get to see them often as his career took them to another state. While we were there we went to a Cirque Del Solei show, went snow tubing (SO FUN!), gambled, put money down on football games, had a few drinks (of course), rode a Ferris Wheel with 360 degree views of Vegas and the strip, went ziplining over old town Vegas and just spent quality time together. If only Britney Spears could have been on tour at that time, I could have relived a fourth grade dream of mine. It was an ever-so-wonderful weekend and I am so happy that the four of us were able to spend it together and celebrate the birthday of one very special man.

About our trip

  • Airline: Southwest (bags fly for free, HUGE PLUS, especially when traveling with women)
  • Hotel: Aria, located on the main part of the strip
  • Shows: Cirque Del Solei”Zarkana”
  • Favorite Hotel visited: Bellagio
  • Favorite Activity: Snow Tubing up in the mountains




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