Staying Active doesn’t always mean RUN.

Being and staying active is a funny thing. I was never the girl that loved working out. To be honest, I was the exact opposite. There was a time in my life where I was trying to fit in with “that group” and was trying to be “that girl” but it just wasn’t me. I played sports all through my elementary and teen years, and yes, it was something that I enjoyed, but the “conditioning” part of practice was the worst. When I thought about running later in life, all that went through my mind was “suicides.” You know, when you are literally running lines in a big gymnasium. Yeah, that was not my idea of fun or relaxing. I never quite understood how people thought of running as fun and relaxing. To be frank, I thought those people were crazy. To me, running had always been a punishment. As a child I was never overweight, and I didn’t ever have to worry about my weight at all. I was always skinny. I grew up dancing and playing soccer, volleyball and swimming. Those four things kept me in really great shape until I stopped doing each of those. It was almost like one day, I gave up and was tired and simply didn’t want to do it anymore. I was more consumed with my friends and shopping, and you know, normal teen girl things and felt like I didn’t have time for sports and dancing any longer. When I got to high school I needed to play a sport to get my credits to graduate and decided not to play volleyball anymore because I didn’t like the coach. Instead, I went out for the tennis team. Oh tennis, how I shamed you. To put it into words, I was awful (and I’m not putting myself down, I’m actually laughing as I write this remembering how badly I hit the balls.) Let’s just say tennis, it wasn’t my thing but I tried and tried again. I tried for three years, to be exact. It’s pretty funny when I look back and think about the way I use to hit a ball. We had fences that lined the tennis courts and I was always running around the other side trying to find the balls I hit over the fence which would land  in the baseball parking lot. If I were the coach looking at someone like me attempting to play, I would have either laughed or cried knowing this girl wasn’t ever going to win me a championship. Anyways, during my tennis years, I really let myself get out of shape and it got worse after I quit tennis my senior year. I was still eating the same way that I did before, I just wasn’t conditioning and running like I was when I was playing volleyball. Once again, I was not ever overweight even when I thought I was but for myself, looking back at pictures, I did let my weight get a little out of hand. When I went off to college at the University of Oklahoma, BOOMER SOONER, I trekked all over campus, from class to class. That really helped me stay in shape. While I had friends that I thought were total over achievers and went to the “huff” which was our campus recreation center, that was merely something I had heard of but never attended. Gyms scared me. I know that must sound so funny. I mean, who is scared of gyms? Well, I was. I was scared of gyms because I didn’t know what to do when I got there. I was like a lost puppy trying to find her way. I didn’t know how to use the machines and when I looked around the gym everyone seemed fit and perfect and skinny and it made me very self conscience, and I’m telling you, some of them didn’t even seem to break a sweat! How was that even possible? To this day I am still scared of gyms simply because I don’t know how to use them. Fast forward to present day. I am a twenty-five year old third grade teacher, dog momma and girlfriend who would like to tone what I’ve got. Lately I’ve been a little down on myself because you know, I’m a girl and its bathing suit season. My sweet boyfriend tells me how good I look on daily basis, but when I look in the mirror I see something completely different. So after eating everything in my sight one day and then getting on the scale at the end of the night, I found a place that I really enjoy going to. It is called fit body boot camp. It’s pretty funny because I never, ever, in a million years would have thought that I would’ve liked going to boot camp. This was not my thing and I wasn’t sure it ever would be, but I have to be honest. I really like it. For thirty minutes a day, this guy tells me what to do, times me and gives me a workout that literally kicks my butt, and I enjoy it. Who would’ve thought it? Not me, I can tell you that right now. Let me tell you some of the reasons I like it. One, there is absolutely nothing to be intimidated about. There are women and men in this boot camp that are all different ages, sizes and come from all paths of life. We all work at different speeds and do exercises a little differently but you know what, at the end of the workout, we look back and realize that we all worked and that is what counts. For instance, I cannot do a push up to save my life, and I’ll tell you what, if my life depended on it, I would be dead. I have to do modified push ups and you know, that’s okay. I love that modifications are okay. It teaches you that you do not have to be perfect at everything. Secondly, I love that there are people that hold you accountable. I am one of those people that will sign up for this really cool and fancy new gym and I’ll look up five months later, and they have drafted thirty dollars from my account each month and I’ve been twice. Now, I’m a teacher in Oklahoma and I can tell you, this girl does not have the time or money to be throwing away thirty dollars every month just for the heck of it. I was pretty much paying for the little scanner key chain that I put on my keys to let people know that yes in fact I was a member of a fancy gym even though I never went. Lastly, it is only thirty minutes of my day. That’s it people. In thirty minutes I feel like someone has literally kicked my butt and it feels great. I go early in the morning and then I feel ready to conquer my day. Sometimes at night, I go on walks in my neighborhood just because I enjoy it, not because I have to. This post is not about persuading you to join a boot camp or quit your gym. This post is about letting you know that working out and staying active can be enjoyable if you find something you like. If you like running, more power to you! I salute you! I have a younger brother that loves running, I have just found that there are other ways to stay active that I enjoy more. If you are trying to find a way to be active, the best advice that I can give you is to find something you enjoy or you won’t stick with it. Good luck, I know you will find the right fit for YOU. If you do happen to be interested in joining a boot camp, I happen to know a really good one. Check out Fit Body Boot Camp and see what you think. Remember, drink a lot of water. I myself am trying to get better about that. There is always room for improvement.




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